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Error when logging into Microsoft Teams

If you're trying to log into Microsoft Teams and getting the error "That Microsoft account doesn't exist. Enter a different account or get a new one" it's likely you've got the wrong version of Microsoft Teams. 

There are two versions, one for Home and Small Business (which comes preloaded in Windows 11 computers) and another called "Teams (work or school)" which is what you'll need for Microsoft 365.

Here's how to get the correct version for Microsoft 365:

  1. Log into using your Microsoft 365 credentials.
  2. Click the ellipses (three dots) in the top-right corner. 
  3. Click the "Download the desktop app" option.
  4. Click on the downloaded program to install it.
  5. Once installed, open Teams (work or school) and log in with your Microsoft 365 credentials.