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Sync Microsoft Teams or SharePoint files with your computer (Windows)

If your organization uses Microsoft Teams or SharePoint Online for storing files, you can sync them to your computer for direct access. 

Note: If you need to set up Microsoft Teams or SharePoint file sync with an Apple Mac computer, use this Microsoft article instead. 

  1. Make sure the OneDrive app on your computer is connected to your Microsoft 365 account.

  2. Log into your Microsoft 365 portal (

  3. In the upper-left corner select the Microsoft 365 app launcher.

  4. From the menu that opens, select SharePoint or Teams, and then select the site with the files you want to sync.

  5. Select Documents or navigate to the subfolder you want to sync.

  6. Select Sync. (You only need to do this once on a computer to set up syncing on that computer. After you set up syncing, the files sync automatically.)

  7. If your browser requests permission to use "Microsoft OneDrive," confirm that this is okay.

  8. The files will begin to sync to your computer and will be available in the left-side column of file explorer.

  9. To sync the files on another computer, go to that computer, and follow these steps again.

Note to Clients: If your company is a client of Sentryon and you need help setting this up, please feel free to contact us for assistance. If you're not a client of Sentryon and would like to find out more, please contact us by calling toll-free 1-855-609-1400 or by filling out this contact us form.